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→  February 27, 2014   

10 Most Dangerous People Foods for Dogs

Feb 22, 2014 by Jennifer Houston in Womanitely Most dog owners know it’s not a great idea to feed their canine pal from the dinner table, but once in a while, pieces of food happen to get slipped to a dog. While this is usually fine, there are some people foods that dogs [...]

→  February 26, 2014   

10 Most Dangerous People Foods for Cats

Feb 23, 2014 by Diana White in Womanitely Any cat owner can tell you that cats frequently prefer people food over their own meals. It’s not surprising to find a cat stealing bites from someone’s plate. While this practice may be cute, it can also be dangerous. There are several foods that have [...]

→  February 26, 2014   

10 Important Things Pets Can Teach Us

Feb 8, 2014 by Diana White in Womanitely Everyone knows that owning a pet can help reduce stress and improve the quality of life for many owners. Whether you own a cherry shrimp or a Clydesdale, each pet has something unique to offer to their caretakers. In fact, here are 10 things that [...]

→  February 26, 2014   

10 Reasons Your Children Should Own a Pet

Feb 10, 2014 by Jennifer Houston in Womanitely Decade after decade, the debate continues – is it good for children to grow up with pets?  There are many positive reasons why children should own pets.  Not only do pets teach children many life skills, they are also wonderful friends. Check out 10 reasons [...]

→  February 25, 2014   

10 Amazing Animal Facts

by Jamie Frater September 7, 2007 via ListVerse The animal kingdom has long been a mysterious one for humans and every day we learn something new about it. This is a list of ten little known facts about animals. 10. Crocodiles Eat Stones The stomach of a crocodile is a rocky place to be, for [...]

→  February 25, 2014   

10 Bizarre Facts About Animal Language

by Amanda Mannen October 6, 2013 at ListVerse We tend not to give much thought to the seemingly incoherent wails of our animal friends, but many of them communicate in a far more advanced form than you might expect. While we’re not quite talking about muskrats speaking English, or toads performing the works [...]

→  February 17, 2014   

Fun Animal Facts for Kids

Animal Facts Source: Science Kids Learning about animals is great fun. Whether it’s endangered African animals, sea animals, wild animals or pets, there are so many amazing types of animals that each have their own characteristics and behaviors. Living in all parts of the world, these animals include cats, dogs, [...]

→  February 17, 2014   

Animals, like us, are sentient beings

Animal Sentience Source: OneKind Tool Use                 Emotions               Empathy                Personality Whether it’s the caring maternal bond between a lioness and her cubs, the joyful play of a young lamb, or the sad grief of an elephant for a lost family member, the behaviour of animals shows that, like us, they can feel. Common [...]

→  January 2, 2014   

Welcome to Petsville

Good pet management is the key to happy pet ownership. Owning pet is a responsibility, just like having kids or managing people. But kids grow up or people move on, pets remain constant, loyal, uncomplicated companions for life. They deserve care and attention that will give them a healthy, long, active life with us. Pet ownership [...]