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→  June 16, 2014   

The importance of physical maturity in the horse

Source: By Narayan Khalsa on Jun 16, 2014 in Featured, Training & Husbandry A horse with a club foot. And why we wait to ride One of the core principles in Natural Horse Care is allowing a horse to physically develop before mounting them. Little is known or respected in this regard as, all too often, [...]

→  March 31, 2014   

Horse healing philosophy and its significance to the modern rider

Forming a relationship with a horse is a great opportunity. Not only because horses are another species, and we can learn so much about ourselves and them from the process of developing a mutual communication, but also because we can ride them. This adds a whole new dimension to our relationship, [...]

→  March 22, 2014   

Pilot scheme for reduced castration, microchip and passport costs for equine owners

The Hungry Horse Outside, an Equine Rescue Centre based in Co Longford, is pleased to announce they are pursuing a pilot castration, microchip and passport scheme. Offer is currently exclusive to Longford / Leitrim / Roscommon area. The scheme will be in place from March 2014 to May 2014, it will be available to those who own [...]

→  February 20, 2014   

Breaking the Strangles hold

About Strangles Copyright © 2008 All rights reserved.  (Source: “Empowering people with knowledge gives them the confidence to call their vet at the first sign of infection, which prevents the further spread of disease.” Strangles is the most commonly diagnosed infectious equine disease in the world. [...]

→  February 17, 2014   

Fun Animal Facts for Kids

Animal Facts Source: Science Kids Learning about animals is great fun. Whether it’s endangered African animals, sea animals, wild animals or pets, there are so many amazing types of animals that each have their own characteristics and behaviors. Living in all parts of the world, these animals include cats, dogs, [...]

→  February 17, 2014   

Animals, like us, are sentient beings

Animal Sentience Source: OneKind Tool Use                 Emotions               Empathy                Personality Whether it’s the caring maternal bond between a lioness and her cubs, the joyful play of a young lamb, or the sad grief of an elephant for a lost family member, the behaviour of animals shows that, like us, they can feel. Common [...]

→  February 11, 2014   

How do we communicate with our animals? It is within us.

As animal lovers, you know that your pets communicate with you all the time. Your dog goes crazy when you reach for the lead, knowing that a walk is on the horizon. Your cat runs to meet you when you come home in the evening and put the key in the door. Your horse [...]

→  February 10, 2014   

Many horses suffer with unrecognised hoof pain. Chris Ware asks, Is yours one of them?

The Idiots Guide to Hoof Problems (no disrespect meant)! by Chris Ware, Equethy Workshops, Equine Myofunctional Therapist. Postures of Pain:  There are specific postures that are a dead give away that your horse has developed musculo-skeletal issues from long term hoof pain. This article is long but grab a cuppa and wade through [...]

→  February 6, 2014   

Good dental maintenance can have a huge impact on the overall wellbeing of a horse or pony

“When addressing the care and welfare of horse’s one aspect can easily be overlooked and that is the condition of the horse’s teeth. Good dental maintenance can have a huge impact on the overall wellbeing of a horse or pony, leaving them comfortable and able to get the best out of their [...]

→  January 26, 2014   

Sue Elliott demonstrates her treatment method at the Equine and Pet Therapy Clinic Day

Achieving optimal health and performance for your horse or pony is Sue’s aim. SUSAN ELLIOTT trained at McTimoney Chiropractic College and graduated in 2001. She uses a mixture of joint manipulation and soft tissue work to help your horse or pony achieve optimal performance and health. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, [...]