A new addition to the panel of experts/practitioners to see at the Equine and Pet Therapy Clinic Day


Susannah Kingston – Animal Healing/Animal Communicator/Reiki Healer

SUSANNAH KINGSTON is a trained and qualified Animal Communication Practitioner (ACT2), a course involving examination and assessment by a veterinarian, animal behaviourist, animal welfare professional and animal trainer. Currently she is continuing to deepen her understanding and application of James French’s Trust Technique, a truly powerful combination of animal healing and communication, and in March 2014 will begin training in Festina Lente as a facilitator in Equine Assisted Learning.

She is also a Reiki practitioner, practising Reiki healing for humans and animals.  She is fully insured with Balens Insurance, and also insured for home visits.

She offers animal healing, animal communication consultations and Reiki healing for animals and humans. She gives a summary of these below.


Negative behaviour patterns in animals are often the result of traumatic or difficult experiences when young. Such behaviours commonly include fear, aggression, nervousness, separation anxiety or jealousy. This type of healing provides you – the carer of the animal - with a method to:

Develop the animal’s confidence and trust, dispelling fear and anxiety

Break the cycle of reaction between owner and animal, which can reinforce the negative behaviour.

Create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship between you and your pet, built on a solid foundation of trust.

Teach you how to be the healer, by creating a strong peaceful environment that will calm your pet instantly, quieten their minds and create a mindset that is open to learning new, more positive behaviours.

Animal healing is a truly powerful way to help release old traumas and patterns of negative behaviour. Animals have an amazing capacity to act as our emotional mirrors, so this will be a healing journey for you too.

“I have a 4-year-old mare in training who was extremely free and excitable. After two treatments with Susannah she improved considerably and has been running very well since. I am happy to recommend her for problem horses. ”

– Arthur Moore, Racing Trainer


Animal communication allows us to become closer to our pets and to help them on an emotional and spiritual level. Animal communication is particularly helpful for

· Deepening your understanding of your animal

· Identifying the cause of anxiety, aggression and fear-based problems

· Emotional and behavioural issues

· Explaining puzzling behaviour or changes in behaviour

· Helping animals move on from bereavement

I employed Susannah’s services as I was concerned about my horse’s health both physically and in terms of his mood. I was astounded at the accuracy of the communication/feedback which over the following months became even clearer both in terms of Columbo’s health and what most motivated him. As a result, I’ve been able to accommodate my horse in a way that is more in tune with his natural strengths and look after his health in a more meaningful way. I would highly recommend Susannah to anybody who wants to get to the core of a health, mental or emotional challenge with their animal and facilitate deep healing. Susannah is a genuine, true and gifted healer.”

– Sara Cosgrove

“Susannah had great insight into the dynamics between me and my four animals who live with me. I was able to understand some of their behaviours better and make adjustments so we could all live in more harmony – and all from a few photographs…it was amazing! Her insights also made me look at my own behaviour reflected back to me through my animals and it has been an interesting journey since. Thanks Susannah.”

– Clodagh, Co. Clare


Reiki is a hands-on healing therapy which is deeply relaxing. With no preconceptions about it, animals respond to Reiki extremely well.

Susannah feels privileged to have been initiated by James French who was initiated himself by the present Lineage Bearer Phyllis Furumoto. Phyllis is the granddaughter of Mrs Hawayo Takata, who was the first person to practice Reiki outside of Japan, and who introduced it to the West.

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