Brighten up your cat’s day, every day!

Source: RSPCA Insights 3 June 2014

Cat playing with catnip toy © RSPCA

Whilst dogs are being treated to long walks, games of fetch, tasty tidbits and a good belly rub; what can we do to brighten up our cat’s day?

Day 1 – Hide and sleep

Cats aren’t much interested in playing hide and seek but they love a great hiding place, it helps them feel safe and secure. You can make a great hiding place by cutting an entrance and exit hole (big enough for your cat!) into a cardboard box and filling with soft bedding. Place it somewhere quiet, away from any noisy parts of the house.

Day 2 – Play time

A game with you can add variety and fun into your cat’s day. Play provides mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Use a stick and string toy and encourage your cat to stalk, chase and grab – the toy, not your hand!

Day 3 – Purrfectly pampered

Cat being groomed © RSPCAGrooming helps remove dead hairs, improve circulation and can feel great. Brush your cat at a quiet time of the day, be gentle and calm, giving occasional treats to make the whole experience positive. Let your cat be in control, if they’ve had enough, stop.

Day 4 – Location, location, location

Consider reshuffling some of your cats belongings around to better suit their needs. Cats prefer to eat, drink and toilet in different locations so have these in different areas. Like us, cats like privacy when using the toilet so place their litter tray away from the noisy kitchen or busy corridor.

Day 5 – Hide and eat

This game will get your cat using their excellent sense of smell. Take a few small treats (or break up larger ones) and scatter them around one room. Your cat will enjoy sniffing them out as well as eating the reward.

Day 6 – Cat cuddles

Cat chin rub © RSPCAYour cat will not appreciate a squishy cuddle or belly rub. When cats groom each other they focus on the head and neck; and they prefer these areas when being stroked by people too. Take some time, allow your cat to approach you and treat them to a gentle chin, cheek and head rub – perfect cat etiquette.

Day 7 – Kinder surprise

It’s not exactly like hunting a mouse, but this will get your cat thinking. Take the plastic inner of a Kinder Surprise, and cut a hole the size of a penny it in. Fill with dry biscuits. Place it on the ground and shake it so a few biscuits come out. Your cat should figure out it contains food and should start playing with it to make the food come out. Once they’ve got it mastered and are getting the biscuits out quickly, provide another version with a smaller hole. Repeat until the hole is small enough that it takes your cat quite some time to get all the food out.

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