Posted on 17th February, 2014

Animal Sentience Source: OneKind Tool Use                 Emotions               Empathy                Personality Whether it’s the caring maternal bond between a lioness and her cubs, the joyful play of a young lamb, or the sad grief of an elephant for a lost family member, the behaviour of animals shows that, like us, they can feel. Common [...]

Posted on 11th February, 2014

As animal lovers, you know that your pets communicate with you all the time. Your dog goes crazy when you reach for the lead, knowing that a walk is on the horizon. Your cat runs to meet you when you come home in the evening and put the key in the door. Your horse [...]

Posted on 6th February, 2014

“Cats are fascinating but sometimes mysterious creatures. Increasing our understanding and knowledge of their behaviour, can only enhance our enjoyment and love of these special animals.¬† Understand your cat and learn how to tackle undesirable behaviour.”¬† International Cat Care (UK) give thanks to renowned cat behaviourists Vicky Halls and Sarah Ellis, for putting together this [...]

Posted on 14th January, 2014

It  prevents unwanted offsprings which is a current big welfare issue and provide medical benefits as well making it less likely for cancer to occur in older animals.