How do we communicate with our animals? It is within us.

As animal lovers, you know that your pets communicate with you all the time. Your dog goes crazy when you reach for the lead, knowing that a walk is on the horizon. Your cat runs to meet you when you come home in the evening and put the key in the door. Your horse teases you for a bit, playing hard to catch in the field, before allowing you to put the head collar on. susannahs-website-photo-cropped

But how do you communicate with your animals? And are you aware of your impact on them? Are you aware of how sensitive they are to you and how your state of mind affects theirs? Most of us communicate in a very superficial way with our animals. We humans are so busy, and so lost in our thoughts for much of the time, that we rarely stop and really listen to our animals and take the time to hear what they are telling us. Our interactions with them become routine – taking the dog for a walk, feeding the cat, or grooming and exercising the horse. Certainly we are doing stuff with them but unless there is some obviously physical ailment (for example, they are off their food, or lame), how often do we stop and just spend time being with them, and listening to them?

My objective in writing this is to point out to you that there is a whole deeper level of communication with your animals that is available to you, and that will deepen your relationship with your animals the instant you begin to interact on this more powerful level.

How does it work?

The only difference in the way that animals communicate is that they do not use words and language in the way we do. They don’t think in words, but rather through feelings, images and sensory perception. This means that while we are lost in our words and thoughts, animals are far more aware of and present to their surroundings than we are – so we have a lot to learn from them.

However, once we quieten our own minds, slow down our thoughts and become present ourselves, we can immediately “hear” so much more of what is going on for our animals – and you would be amazed at the information they can then transmit to you. So, if your dog seems depressed, or your budgie is irritable, or your animals behaviour has recently changed in some way and you don’t know why, - you can practice this, then ask them why they are feeling this way and listen for the response. The answer may come to you in the form of an image in your mind, or in a feeling that you suddenly experience, or you may actually hear it as words – this varies from person to person. In whatever way you receive the information, it is really important to trust what you experience and what your first impressions are. This is a skill that all humans have but that most of us have forgotten – why not try it? - and embark on a whole new exciting journey of trust and communication with your pet.

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