Marc Higgins, Advanced Equine Dentist, talks teeth at the Equine and Pet Therapy Clinic Day

At 1-2pm on the 2nd of Feb, MARC HIGGINS BSc(Hons) EqDT BAEDT/BEVA/BVDA, talks ‘poor teeth, poor horse’ matters.

1. The Teeth: Design, Function

2. Common Problems: Sharp edges, Uneven wear, Pressure and pain, Hooks, Ramps, Ridges

3. Indications of Poor Teeth: Obvious signs, Riding difficulties, Wastage

4. Treatment and Equipment: Importance of regular maintenance and using fully qualified, trained and insured professional

This is a great opportunity to learn the basic and essential things we need to know as horse and pony owner about its teeth from an Advanced Equine Dentist!  Lectures are FREE but spaces are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

Marc Higgins BSc(Hons) EqDT BAEDT/BEVA/BVDA, Advanced Equine Dentist

Posted on 21st January, 20142:48 pm by admin