Police dog Bruno takes a bullet

Bruno is a six-year veteran of the Anaheim Police Department, the force’s most senior K-9 officer. He is currently recovering at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital after being shot in the face while saving the lives of three officers, including his partner, Anaheim Police Officer R.J. Young.

From the Anaheim Police Dept. blog:

“After being shot, he yelped only once. Young scooped him up and raced him to Yorba Regional Animal Hospital, where surgeons worked for three hours to reconstruct his jaw and remove part of a damaged lung.

“The round lodged less than an inch from his heart.

“Bruno, who is seven years old, stayed on his feet for most of the ‘longest ride of my life’ to the hospital, before finally collapsing, Young said.

“‘I was banging the cage and calling his name,’ Young said. ‘I kept saying, “We’re almost there, Buddy.” He never cried. He never whined.”

“Anaheim police dispatchers radioed the hospital, and they were ready with a gurney when Young and Bruno arrived.

“Getting him there so quickly saved his life, Young said, because Bruno had lost so much blood.

“On Tuesday, Young, his wife, and daughter brought coffee and sandwiches to thank the hospital staff. ‘We’ll never be able to repay them for what they did for us,’ he said.”

If you’re interested in helping, the Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association is collecting donations to cover Bruno’s medical care. Donations can be made at any branch of US Bank to the “Friends of the Anaheim Police Canine Association – Bruno Donation Account,” or via PayPal to foak9@hotmail.com.

As to Bruno, he’ll be retiring with honor when he’s released, to live with the Young family for the rest of his days.

Good dog, Bruno! My family and I have you in our prayers.

(Posted by Dr. Marty Becker 1st Apr 2014)

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