Sue Elliott demonstrates her treatment method at the Equine and Pet Therapy Clinic Day

Achieving optimal health and performance for your horse or pony is Sue’s aim.sue-elliott

SUSAN ELLIOTT trained at McTimoney Chiropractic College and graduated in 2001. She uses a mixture of joint manipulation and soft tissue work to help your horse or pony achieve optimal performance and health.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, you may be interested in the talk with demonstration she will be giving at 12am-1pm at the Equine and Pet Therapy Clinic Day. She will do her best to answer any queries you may have.

Her treatment often helps with common issues such as:

Head and neck position
Uneven or short stride
Difficulty in picking up a certain lead
Cold back
Uneven muscle development
Problems with engaging hindquarters
‘Dropped hip’
Poor transitions
Behaviour such as bucking or rearing.

Posted on 26th January, 20149:20 pm by admin